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VPN Privacy Guarantee

Privacy Guarantee

We value our customer's privacy and do absolutely everything possible to protect it and have NEVER released any customer information.

Pro VPN Accounts' promotes and provides privacy and security as some of its core features.
We do not actively monitor our users and do not track or collect information about your usage.
This means we do not know what services you use, what websites you visit etc.. as this is the purpose of our service.

Server Logs:

1.)We keep logs for typically less than 24 hours.  This is to ensure the quality, performance, reliability and overall connectivity of our VPN network.  We only review logs to ensure or correct performance, network/security issues and to identity abuse.
2.) Our logs are kept for only a short period of time with only a limited amount of recent connection information being available.
3.) Our server logs do not contain your identity (only your username) and only shows how many users were connected to a particular server.
4.) Our server logs cannot and do not contain any information about what activities, services or even what websites you have visited.
5.) We never release our server logs unless legally compelled to do so and where we are unable to successfully legally challenge such a request.


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