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Pro VPN Accounts ( Terms Of Service (TOS) Agreement.

Pro VPN Accounts ( Terms Of Service (TOS) Agreement.

By subscribing or otherwise purchasing our services you agree to abide by this agreement at all times.
The terms we, or us shall from hereon refer to Pro VPN Accounts/ and includes our employees, ownership, agents and any other related parties with Pro VPN Accounts.  The term "You" means you the "Customer,User or Subscriber"

We have attempted to make this agreement clear and protect the interests of Pro VPN Accounts and you the customer in order to deliver the safest, fastest, most secure and reliable VPN service in the industry.

By using our service you agree to the following Terms of Service and Use.

Limited Liability:
1.) We cannot be held liable for any actions relating to your purchase or usage of our services in connection with your account.
You are fully responsible for all usage and activity that originates from your account whether by you or another party.
2.) We do not provide any warranty for our services either implied or expressed and will not accept any claims against our company relating to the usage or inability to use the service.
3.) We are not liable in any way, shape or form or any perceived direct or indirect damages or claims relating to our service or your usage of our service.

Acceptable Usage:
1.) You agree not to use our services to access, transmit any materials relating to hate, racism, bigotry, terrorism, organized crime or other offensive and harmful activities.
2.) You agree not to use our services for the purposes of hacking or related activities, DOS attacks, identity theft, botnets, fraud etc..
3.) You agree to use our services for legal purposes to the extent that this violation is not broken and the usage complies with the local laws of the location of the server you connect to.
4.) You agree not to use our service in any way that you have reason to believe or know may subject our servers to a DOS attack.
5.) Competitors may not purchase or use our service whether directly or indirectly.  You may not attempt to reverse engineer our systems or attempt to use our service to learn how our proprietary systems work.  Competitors and any third party involved in a violation of this agreement could be subject to several forms of penalties and litigation and agree to pay any penalties and royalties related to such a violation as Pro VPN Accounts deems fair.
6.) You agree not to release the details of our service to any other party, especially including IP addresses, and domains and subdomains associated with the use of our service.  A violation of this agreement could put our network and customers at risk and subject you to penalties and cost recovery.

1.) You agree not to pay for our services with fraudulent or otherwise illegal sources of funding.
2.) You agree not to reverse, dispute or chargeback any fees charged for your service under any circumstance.
3.) We reserve the right to use our collection agency, small claims, and prosecution to recover any losses.  You agree to be held liable and pay all associated costs of collection and legal fees, penalties and other administration fees pertaining to any payment dispute/reversal.
4.) You are responsible for cancelling your subscription to our service by contacting our customer service team either by e-mail or our contact form on and we do not provide pro-rated refunds based on the amount or lack of usage while your subscription is active.  We keep your account active on our entire network at all times while you are subscribed to our service.
5.) We use an automated system to suspend your account if payment is reversed, disputed or fails to go through.  Our automated system also detects payment profile/subscription cancellations and automatically deletes the account at the end of your billing cycle.

1.) We do not provide refunds to avoid network abuse which affects our customers performance and security (hackers/criminals using the service and then asking for a refund) and to prevent fraud and money laundering.
2.) Please note payment disputes/reversals/chargebacks are prohibited and subject to penalties, fees and legal action (Payments Section 2 of this agreement).

1.) We reserve the right to take all necessary and practical steps to secure our network and customers.
2.) We reserve the right to terminate a customer's service without refund if they are found to be intentionally or repeatedly violating this TOS.
3.) We reserve the right to charge, collect and prosecute for gross violations of this agreement which harm our customers, network or otherwise impact our business (eg. hacking, credit card fraud, identity theft/fraud etc.).


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