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About Pro VPN Accounts

We're a group of IT professionals with more than 30 years of combined experience with networking and server administration.  Through our experience we've learned the best way to support our customers and provide the best quality services to ensure our customers are satisfied.

Pro VPN Accounts owns its own VPN server and network facilities in countries around the world including CA (Canada), UK (United Kingdom), US (United States), BE (Belgium), DE (Germany), HK (Hong Kong), JP (Japan), MY (Malaysia) and more.  Due to constant growth and demand we are constantly adding bandwidth and servers to our network.  Our VPN Servers are never overloaded, we have hundreds of servers around the world and never allow any server or network to reach more than 25% capacity.

You can rest assured that Pro VPN Accounts will provide the service and support you are looking for when it comes to VPN solutions we are second to none, and no other company can match our service or support.

Remember that we are not a reseller of this service, we don't outsource our services abroad, we have direct access to our own equipment and facilities.  Another distinct advantage our firm has is the quality of the equipment used, we don't use no-name or used hardware, and we only use the best networks, to provide the lowest ping times and highest download speeds that no provider can match.  Unlike many other companies, there is no middle man and we are in full control of our networks and facilities and this allows us to provide the best solution to you, our valued customer.

Our philosophy is that it is our duty to provide the highest level of service possible, and in return our customers choose our company over others and recommend their friends, family and colleagues on a routine basis.  Because of our strategic management, we continue to see growth every quarter and our management is constantly working to ensure our levels of service remain high and constantly improve.


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