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Our VPN Network Server List

We currently have dozens of active servers around the world.
Pro VPN Accounts delivers the most extensive, stable, reliable and fastest network of any provider.

See below for our complete list of servers:


UK (United Kingdom) Server List

London, UK (United Kingdom) - Server 1
London, UK (United Kingdom) - Server 2

Our UK (United Kingdom) Servers are on completely separate networks for diverse routing and to ensure optimum connectivity from anywhere in the world.

Other Locations

Vienna, AT (Austria)
Toronto, CA (Canada)
Bern, CH (Switzerland)
Prague, CZ (Czech Republic)
Frankfurt, DE (Germany)
Talin, EE (Estonia)
Cairo, EG (Egypt)
Madrid, ES (Spain)
Paris FR (France)
Hong Kong, HK (Hong Kong/Chinese Territory)
Budapest, HU (Hungary)
Rome, IT (Italy)
Tokyo, JP (Japan)
Amsterdam, NL (Netherlands)
Warsaw PL (Poland)
Romania, RO (Romania)
Moscow, RU (Russia)
Stockholm, SE (Sweden)
Singapore, SG (Singapore)

USA (United States of America) Server List

No provider can match our USA network as we have servers on both the West Coast, Midwest and East Coast to ensure the best connectivity possible to the world including the lowest ping times to Europe, Asia and hte Middle East.  American VPNs are in high demand because of the bandwidth and speeds to many parts of the world.

Asheville, US (United States)
Atlanta, US (United States)
Buffalo, US (United States)
Chicago, US (United States)
Chicago, US (United States)

We have two Chicago servers due to demand, Chicago is considered one of the largest hubs in North America with fairly neutral routing to both Europe and Asia and has excellent peering.

Dallas, US (United States)
Denver, US (United States)
Fremont, US (United States)
Los Angeles, US (United States)
Kansas, US (United States)
Las Vegas, US (United States)
Miami, US (United States)
New Jersey, US (United States)
Orlando, US (United States)
Phoenix, US (United States)
Charlotte NC (North Carolina), US (United States)
Seattle WA (Washington), US (United States)
San Jose CA (California), US (United States)
Washington DC, VA (Virginia),US (United States)




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