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VPN Account FAQ/Questions?

If you still have any questions about our service feel free to contact us and we'll be glad to assist you.

What are the benefits of your VPN Service?

1.) Complete Security & Encryption of your connection, no one in a WiFi Hotspot or the LAN can sniff packets or even see what sites you are visiting etc.

2.) Our VPN Accounts unlock and unblock all services including Skype, VOIP and all web/e-mail sites.

3.) Your IP address, surfing habits and connection become invisible, anonymous and untraceable (NOTE: our service is to be used for legal purposes only).

4.) You might even see increased download speeds if the connection from your provider is clear to our network.
Is your VPN account service difficult to use or setup?

Absolutely not, our service is compatible with all versions of Windows including NT, 2000, XP, Vista and even 2003/2008, and the upcoming Windows 7. Our VPN account service is also compatible with Mac OS X and Linux and FreeBSD.

No extra software is required, if you can connect to the internet, you can connect with our service.

*For OpenVPN you do need to download the client and perform a setup (this is not difficult and only required by more advanced users or with advanced requirements).

Do you offer refunds on your VPN account services?

Unfortunately we cannot and do not, the reason is to avoid fraud and to prevent criminals from using our service.  When companies offer no questions refunds, this opens the door for hackers and other criminals to use our service and compromise the integrity and security of our honest customers, as well as our network.

Do you offer trials for your VPN service?

We do not offer trials for the same reason as we do not offer refunds.  Offering trials would open our network to hackers and other criminals to use our services for illegal purposes and put our honest customers at risk.

*We do offer trials by request  (Contact Us) but this is a separate server from our paid customers to ensure their security.  The performance and features will be the same as our paid service.

Do I need any other tools or software to use your VPN Accounts?

Absolutely not, it's just a matter of entering your username and password as provided in the setup e-mail once you purchse the service.  We include step-by-step instructions which even beginners can do in 1-3 minutes! (it is a one time setup too).

*For OpenVPN you do need to download the client and perform a setup (this is not difficult and only required by more advanced users or with advanced requirements).

Do your VPN accounts incease security and anonymous surfing/hiding my IP address?

Absolutely, our encrypted VPN accounts make it impossible for your communications to our server to be intercepted.  This means you don't have to worry about spoofing and phishing anymore, especially using Hotel connections or Wireless hotspots or other public internet connections.  We still recommend the use of our VPN service whether you're at home or on the road.

Am I allowed to use your service to download torrents or other filesharing services?

Yes.  We are essentially your new ISP when you connect to our service and we do allow filesharing, as it is an essential part of the internet.

Will your service restore access to Adult Content? Am I allowed to use your service to access adult content?

Absolutely, the purpose of our service is to make sure you have freedom on the internet.

My business/company already provides a VPN account for me.  Why should I use your service?

Normally company VPNs are provided only to access files on the company network.  Usually you'll find your company's VPN to be too slow for your needs.  Further, they usually monitor employees to see what they are doing through the VPN, and most companies have policies against using the VPN for any personal use.

In fact some of our customers, actually use our VPN service from their work place so that their activities cannot be monitored over the network.

Compatibility/Requirements - What computers/laptops/phones & Operating Systems work with your VPN Service?

Our service works with all modern operating systems, computers and laptops of all brands.  No additional software is required.  Our service works instantly with Windows XP, Windows Vista and even Windows 7 (older versions of 2000 and NT and 2000/2003 Server are supported.

We also support Android, IOS and any other phone/device which is capable of PPTP or OpenVPN.

Mac OS X and all versions of Unix (PCBSD, Desktop BSD), Linux (eg. MEPIS, Ubuntu) are also supported and fully compatible with our service.


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