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Supported Routers To Connect Your Whole Network To the VPN via DD-WRT

Connecting your entire home network to a VPN account with Pro VPN Accounts is the best and recommended solution.  It will make all of your network activities encrypted and anonymous and best of all you don't need to configure or update any other devices.  If you setup your router to connect to us then all of your devices will automatically go through the VPN.

However one recommendation we make is to choose carefully and wisely about which server you use, it is important to choose a server with the lowest ping/latency in order to ensure the best possible speeds.

The easiest and best way to connect your entire home network is to install or flash DD-WRT Software onto your router:

DD-WRT is free software that is almost always faster, and more stable than the factory firmware and best of all it is fully compatible with our VPN service.

You just need to have a supported DD-WRT device by looking at the list here:

We offer free support to our own customers for flashing and configuring their DD-WRT router but you must have active service with us to receive it.


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