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Linux (Ubuntu) VPN Setup Guide/Information

Setting up a VPN in Linux can be as easy as Windows if your Linux distrubiton such as Ubuntu comes prepared for a VPN connection and many versions of Linux do.  Sometimes VPN setup on Linux can be a bit more difficult.

The only "VPN/Network Management Plugins" you need would be PPTP (which we use) and OpenVPN (used for Stealth VPN/Situations where VPN connections are blocked by their ISP/Country).

Ubuntu Linux Setup Guide

  1. Install the Network Manager Applet through the Add/Remove section of the Ubuntu menu.
  2. Install the Plugin/Network Manager for "PPTP" and "OpenVPN" (but note your VPN is PPTP unless you were advised otherwise by us)
  3. Use the Synaptic Package Manager to install the corresponding packages you need (Ubuntu may already have them installed)
  4. Left click the network manager applet and select VPNConnections, then select Configure VPN and the last selection of Add, will bring up an area where you must install your connection details. (remember the type is PPTP).
  5. Left click the network manager applet and select VPN Connections then select and click on the connection that was setup to connect to the VPN.


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