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Internet Explorer Proxy

Many people choose our VPN Service because it is more superior than an Internet Explorer Proxy, or for that matter any kind of proxy.  Proxies are inherently insecure, slow, complex, and difficult for the end user.

The reason is that an Internet Explorer Proxy, Web Proxy or SOCKS4/5 proxy, have no authentication (and almost all free proxies are either hacked or setup by hackers to steal your passwords and personal information, even if using SSL they are still insecure).  Remember that proxies will not unblock blocked sites, this is because most sites are also blocked at the DNS level, and DNS queries are not done through the proxy.  The other issue besides security, is that most proxy servers are overloaded and horribly slow.

Instead of using an Internet Explorer Proxy, purchase a VPN Account.  A VPN is superior because it is completely secure and encrypts all traffic, whether for your e-mail, for Skype and all other websites and any internet connection.  There's no need to tell each program to use the VPN, when you use our VPN service, it works on all OS's including Windows, Linux and Mac, and it is completely transparent.  Even more important a VPN service when done correctly is much quicker than any proxy.

We hope the information above explains exactly what you should use a VPN Account instead of a proxy through Internet Explorer or any other program.


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