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Hong Kong .hk VPN

Hong Kong is one of the larger internet hubs in Asia and has direct connectivity to Asia, North America and Europe.  Unlike other providers, we have a good amount of international bandwidth (minimum 10mbit).  This may not sound like much but most other VPN providers have servers which have less than 1mbit of international bandwidth (while others have absolutely none).  For those who are curious why international bandwidth is a problem, it's because it costs thousands of dollars for good bandwidth out of Hong Kong.

The speeds between Hong Kong and the rest of Asia are fantastic especially for China where you can see pings as low as 10ms (to Shenzhen) and 30-40ms to locations further North in China (eg. Hangzhou, Suzhou, Shanghai, Beijing).  We have direct connectivity to China Telecom and China Netcom/Unicom (note that some Hong Kong servers go through the US or Europe before reaching Hong Kong).  Hong Kong is the best location to use for users in China as it provides the lowest possible pings and our server has international bandwidth so the speeds will be faster than other providers.

Click here for our full server list (dozens of countries and cities around the world for one-low price).


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