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Common VPN Error Messages/Problems & Solutions


VPN Error 800:

Unable to establish the VPN connection. The VPN server may be un-reachable, or security parameters may not be configured properly for this connection.


Solution/How To Fix VPN Error 800:

VPN Error 800 can be caused for a number of reasons.  If the VPN Server is really down then you have to wait or contact your VPN Administrator/Company to fix this.

Disable Your Firewall (Temporarily) To Fix VPN Error 800:

With our customers the most common cause of this issue is a client/user side firewall is blocking the connection. (eg. Norton Internet Security, Kaspersky, McAfee etc..).  The best way to troubleshoot is to make sure Windows Firewall and any other Firewall such as Norton is completely disabled.

The permanent solution is to enable the following in your firewall configuration:

  1. Open TCP Port 1723 (note to specify TCP and not UDP) in your firewall (at least for outgoing connections).  Port 1723 is used to establish your VPN connection.
  2. Enable the GRE Protocol.  GRE is the protocol used to communicate and establish the secure VPN Tunnel/Proxy connection, without GRE enabled you won't be able to use your VPN still.

Check Your Router, Have You Enabled VPN/PPTP Support? (eg. Linksys, ASUS etc..)

If you're using a router you need to enable VPN functionality as well.  Most routers will have some options for "VPN Settings/Configuration".  You want to find options such as "Enable PPTP Passthrough".

Be sure to save the settings in your router.

Still Can't Connect?  Let Us Know The Location You're Connecting From

Some things to consider are the country, ISP and location you are connecting from.  Some countries have blocked the IPs of VPN providers ( we can help you with this), some specific IPs block VPN connections as well, and more importantly where are you connecting from?

Some Hotels and some Workplaces/Corporations may block outgoing VPN connections as well.  If you have tried all the solutions above and still can't connect, we can provide you with an "undetectable VPN account" which cannot be blocked.  As long as you can access e-mail or surf some websites, we will be able to find an alternate "stealth VPN solution" for you even if your country, ISP or workplace is blocking your VPN Account from working.




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