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Anonymous VPN Service Explained and Compared

This is one term that is actually true, there is such thing as an "Anonymous VPN".  If you choose our service, our VPN will encrypt, secure and anonymize your connection.  This means we can provide an anonymous VPN to our customers with many benefits.

Please do note that the idea of an anonymous VPN is not aid those who are trying to hide themselves for illegal activities, but to anonymous and ensure the privacy of honest people.

A VPN Anonymizes your connection and makes you anonymous by hiding your true IP address.  Instead of seeing your IP address, instead other people/sites can only see our server's IP address and have no way of even knowing you are using a VPN or what country you're actually in or from.

This is what makes VPN services and accounts so popular, they encrypt your connection and also give you the ability to surf anonymously so you cannot be unfairly tracked or tagged by malicious users or websites, etc.


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