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List of countries which block website content, VOIP & Skype including countries China, UAE, Oman, Syria, Turkey, Malaysia and the continents of Asia, Caribbean, Africa, North America, Europe and the Middle East.

Please note this list is not inclusive and is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate, but we've done our best to compile information about the services and websites blocked in specific countries.

Some blocks are not made by the country itself, but may be a result of a block by the ISP itself.  For example many ISPs in North America actively block VOIP and Skype as a way to prevent competition.

If a site such as BBC or service like Skype is blocked from the country you're in, you will know it since the service will be inaccessible of course.

Our VPN account service is able to bypass all of these restrictions and also makes it impossible for the country and ISP to see any of your communications as they would all be encrypted directly to our secure VPN server.

Another growing trend is that many video and voice based services including MSN/Yahoo talk are being blocked in addition to Skype.

Here is a basic list of countries that are known to block services and websites.

Bahrain is known to block some content

Bahrain is said to block some websites

Belize blocks VOIP & Skype

It is being reported that the main telco is responsible for these blocks.  It is not clear if any other services or web sites are blocked in Belize.

Brazil Blocks VOIP Services

We've found reports that VOIP services are widely blocked by the main ISP in Brazil.  It is unclear if other sites and services are being blocked.

Caribbean Blocks VOIP/Skype Services

In most Caribbean countries where Cable & Wireless operates it is being reported that all VOIP/Skype services are being blocked.  We have not heard reports about whether other content is being blocked or if any other provider has placed any blocks on services.

China blocks VOIP, Skype & Website Content

China is known to block VOIP, Skype (some report it is usable on your computer but via phone), and many websites such as YouTube, Facebook etc.. are blocked

Egypt is reported to block all VOIP/Skype Services & many web sites/web content.

Egypt is known to have blocks on many websites.

Iran is known to block many websites

Iran is said to heavily filter a large number of websites

Jordan is reported to block all VOIP/Skype Services & many web sites/web content.

Jordan is known to have blocks on many websites.

Kuwait is reported to block all VOIP/Skype Services & many web sites/web content.

Kuwait is reported to block all VOIP/Skype Services & many web sites/web content.

Libya is known to block web content

Libya blocks some websites.

Malasyia is known to block websites/webcontent

Malaysia is widely known to block specific websites and content.

Mexico blocks VOIP/Skype services

Various ISPs in Mexico are said to be blocking VOIP related services.   It is unclear if any other services or content are being blocked.

Morocco blocks some web content

Morocco is known to block some web content.

Myanmar is known to block many websites

Myanmar is known to block lots of content.

North/South Korea are known to block VOIP and other web content

The North is said to have more restrictive policies towards content.  In South Korea it is said that only VOIP/Skype services are blocked.

Oman blocks all VOIP/Skype services and web content

Oman is blocking all VOIP/Skype services and many web sites.

Pakistan is reported to block VOIP/Skype & web content

Pakistan is known to have a lot of content and service restrictions including VOIP & Skype.

Paraguay is known to block all VOIP/Skype services

Paraguay blocks all VOIP and Skype services

Qatar blocks VOIP/Skype & Other Web Based Content

Qatar is reported to block all VOIP/Skype Services & many web sites/web content.

Saudi Arabia blocks many websites

Saudi Arabia is known to block lots of content.


Syria is known to have blocks on many websites.


Thailand is known to block different content from the web.

Tunisia is known to block many websites

Tunisia is known to block lots of content.


Turkey is known to block specific web sites and services.

United Arab Emirates (UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi) Blocks VOIP/Skype & Other Websites/Services

Both ISPs DU & Etisalat are known to block all forms of VOIP and many websites.

Vietnam blocks different web content

Vietnam is known to have blocks on many services websites and web/content.

Yemen blocks many websites

Yemen is known to block lots of content.


Portions of our information were taken from the OpenNet intiative report and also reports from our customers.


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